About me

Learn all about what I do and why I do it


My curiosity and love for code started when I was 12 and wondered how video games work, So I started coding.

Throughout school I played around with a few languages, starting with BASIC and including Pascal, Delphi, C++ and C#. In doing this, I learned a lot of the conceptual stuff that is pertinent to software development.

After school, I went straight into work. Over the next few years, I became well versed at PHP, JavaScript, Python and a lot of the frameworks and technologies that go with these languages.
I have had exposure to small companies with less than 5 employees, as well as corporates with thousands of staff.
The learning process and exposure to so many different environments has been incredible and I have loved just about all of it.


Today, I take on various different types of projects from clients who need software created for their businesses.
While I still dabble in many different things, as developers tend to do, I mostly work with React, Django REST Framework and their related technologies.
I also have experience in Angular and Laravel, although I work with these less frequently.

My approach is a pretty simple one: I work with my client to develop a solution that will bring them value. If a solution does not produce value for its owner, it might very well not be worth creating, in my opinion.
I plan out a project in phases and adapt to requirements as they change, providing constant feedback to my clients so that they are in the know as to what I am billing them for, and so that they can make changes along the way if they need to.

Like any passionate developer, I love solving problems. My aim with software devlopment is to simply make life easier for people and improve the way they do business by improving the way they see and manage data, improving the way they interact with staff and clients, and saving them time and money by simplifying processes.